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Familiar Habits

So here I am at a fork in the road again. Do I commit to a sixth  month intense personal journey with a personal trainer? Do I put myself out their in front of gym bunnys and the corporate elite? (The gym is in the TD building) it's a lot of money and I don't know if it's a strain my bf and I can bare. He says yes but what about the unforeseen. What happens when he needs my financial support and I can't give it to him? What then? But this is an important step towards my new futare. I believe it's the right one for a new and healthier me. The decision to have a personal trainer worth over $4000 for 6 months could be the key to my best self. If I don't take this new journey into healthy living will I fall into my deathly familiar habits? This is a fork in the road that could be one of my remains few. I am reaching middle aged after all.
With decisions like this I wonder how my family live with this disease. It's 2am and here I am in Dis-ease. I should really t…

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